Panchakarma is the method of purifying the body and there by correcting the physiological and anatomical functions of the body. This is a long course of treatments and need more days. One has to take rest totally during these days and should follow strict diet and activities. It consists of two processes 1.Poorvakarma 2.Panchakarma


Poorvakarma is the various external treatments done in Ayurvedic medicine to extract the toxins or debris trapped deep in the tissues which causes the block in the channels. The block causes the pathological or anatomical malfunction in the body parts or organs. This treatments are done till the micro-substances ooze into the stomach or intestine, which takes 10 to 21 days of rigorous treatments. Once these substances enter fully into the above said region purification treatment - Panchakarma is done.


It is the five treatment procedure which helps to remove the toxic micro-substances (Dosha) from the body through the natural orifices after a successful Poorvakarma. Purgation (virechana), Oil enema (anuvasana vasti) & Decoction enema (asthapana vasti), Nasal treatment (nasya), blood letting (rakta moksha) and vomiting (vamana) with various combinations of herbs are the Panchakarma treatments. The purification treatment is selected according to the disease and condition of the disease and the individual’s body.


This is the special treatment which improves the immune power of an individual after a long standing disease or for individuals with less immune strength. It helps to prevent the return of cured illness when administered after the intake of internal preparations or after the Panchakarma. This consists of mostly internal herbal preparation with immunomodulatory and immunoregulatory herbs. Rasayana treatment is also beneficial in tackling the geriatric problems and to maintain the health of an individual after successful Panchakarma treatments. Rasayana treatments are also done to maintain a good immune power for the healthy individuals.

  • All the treatments start after a detailed consultation.
  • One who is having more complaints and more Dosha (toxins) is advised to take special treatments for specific days after analysing the body condition and the level of Dosha (toxins).
  • During the course of treatment and after that for three days, one should take total rest for attaining full effect of the treatments.

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