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Andalat family is one of the famous aristocratic traditional Ayurvedic families of Kerala. According to the available data we were Ayurvedic physicians for five generations. It was indeed my great fortune to be born into the Andalat family constituting great scholars in the field of Ayurvedic medicine and modern medicine and to keep this tradition alive. All of them had left their indelible mark and created an identity for themselves in medicine and health care. Patients from all over India used to visit them for Ayurvedic treatments due to the unique way of treatment and fast recovery. The field of medicine alone was not their forte. They had played an active role in the social and political arena which had helped in the advancement of the region.

Kandankoran vaidyan

Kandankoran vaidyan was the first physician in this family. He was a talented physician and passed on his immense knowledge and special skills in this science to his grand son Vaidya Kunjikoru.

My great Grandfather, Vaidya Andalat Kunjikoru

He was a renowned Ayurvedic physician and was famous for his treatment in psychiatric diseases. He was not only a Vaidya but also was a philosopher. He had two sons and the elder one was Kumaran vaidya and younger was Dr.Madhavan.

My Grandfather, Vaidya Andalat Kumaran

He was a famous Ayurvedic physician like his father. His treatment in psychiatric diseases was well known through out India and patients from all over India used to visit him. He was a social activist and was a member of legislative council. of Travancore (the former name of Kerala) about sixty seven years ago. He was a great lover of nature.

The younger brother of my Grandfather, Dr. Andalat Madhavann

Dr. Madhavan was a well known physician in Modern medicine. He had his own clinic jointly run by his wife Dr.Kousalya, a famous gynecologist. He was also a member of the ministry of the state in 1950. As minister for Health, Dr. Madhavan had initiated a lot of reforms in the field of Health Care and till date he is considered to be one among the best health ministers.

My Father, Aryavaidyan Andalat Jayakumar

My father took his Aryavaidyan title from the Famous Ayurveda University at Kottakal. Kerala. After his successful completion of Ayurveda he straight away started practicing under the able guidance of my Grand father. The knowledge, special skills and experience attained from my grand father helped him to be a remarkable physician especially in treating psychiatric diseases. He still continues with his successful practice. He too is a vibrant personality and is adorning many respectable positions in social, cultural and religious activities in the region

My Uncle, Dr. Andalat Surendran DAM

My uncle was the second person to study Ayurveda after my father. He did his Ayurvedic education from the famous Ayurveda University at Trivandrum in Kerala. He also had the experience of practicing and learning under the guidance of my grandfather.

My brother, Dr. Andalat Shyam Kumar

My brother Shyam Kumar is the next in the generation of physicians. He is a surgeon in Orthopedics. After attaining his basic degree in modern medicine (MBBS) he went on to do his Post graduation (MS) in Orthopedics. He then went to UK for advanced study in orthopedic surgery and attained the title FRCS. His wife Dr.Sangeetha MD is also a doctor in modern medicine with a post graduation in Radiology and FRCR from UK. Presently both of them are working in UK.

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