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India is a land of tradition, culture and a great history. It is amazing that this country had lot of valuable knowledge in every aspect of life. This helped the country in exploring its talents in every field like, Vastu shastra as engineering, Jyotisha as astrology, Vrukshayurveda as agriculture, Mrugayurveda as veterinary, Sangeetha sasthra as classical music, Nruthya sasthra as classical dance, Dhanurveda as martial arts, Sthapatyaveda as architecture, Ayurveda as medical system..etc..

During these centuries Ayurveda developed in a remarkable way to compete with the modern world. The Ayurvedic physicians are awarded the basic degree BAMS (Bachelor in Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery) which is a five and half years of residential study programme in the medical universities. One who has completed this bachelor programme has to register under the Indian medical council for practicing. Post Graduate (MD) education is conducted in the medical universities as a further three-year residential study in different specialities.

Most of the villages in India will be having at least one government Ayurvedic hospital other than numerous private Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals. Ayurvedic and modern doctors are working together in some of the hospitals.

Ayurvedic pharmaceutical industry is a big business sector in India. Hundreds of medicines manufacturing companies are functioning through out India with latest modern technology. This helps the country to produce herbal medicines in a scientific way preserving its classical and traditional form.

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