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Advanced Education in Kerala, India.

This course is incomparable to any of the ayurvedic educational trainings found in Germany, as it is taught by an authentic ayurvedic doctor. Syal Kumar learned this fascinating science through family tradition, comprehensive studies at a renowned Indian Universities and personal experience as an ayurvedic physician. Syal Kumar teaches Ayurveda in a traditional way which gives deep insight in ancient thinking culture and methods, which are nevertheless prevailing, even now in “modern” times. The plenitude of Sanskrit terms is strenuous at times, but necessary to understand the origin and application of terminology.

The first part of this educational training is mainly theory, refreshed by informative documentary films and stories of personal experiences.

The second part applies the learned to clinical aspects with patient demonstration, naturally making this part more attractive to the clinician.

In addition, the course is supplemented by a comprehensive manual. All in all, this ayurvedic training will give you a completely novel view on the possibilities of treatment with this impressive science, making it absolutely necessary to distinguish it from esoteric therapy as well as pure ayurvedic wellness, which, in Europe and the US, is mainly thought and taught to be Ayurveda. To support the importance and application of traditional Indian medicine as a complementary method of therapy I can only but welcome and recommend this course by Syal Kumar

Dr. med. Christine Wilson
University Medical Center Freiburg

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